A very warm welcome to all the listeners of Patient Talks. Our guest today is a woman who, in spite of being suffering from epilepsy nearly for a decade, has not lost her enthusiasm for life. In addition to that, whenever an opportunity arises, she helps and educate other epilepsy patients. She is a healthcare professional who is now happily married.

Through this story we will learn that as an epilepsy patient, having Drug Resistant Epilepsy, one must consider evaluation through Video EEG and other methods with the help of an Epilepsy specialist neurosurgeon and check whether one can benefit from epilepsy surgery. One can also research on the internet and collect inputs. Then, armed with right information, one should make a decision whether to continue medicine based  treatment or go for an epilepsy surgery. Finally, one must never give up hope as your will to defeat epilepsy is an important factor in your treatment.

I am very happy to bring this story to all of you. Happy listening.

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